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Who is Coach Minewiser?
What is Energy Coaching?
Sample audio exercises
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Energy routines
Tapping routines to release                negative emotions
Tapping routines to change unwanted beliefs
Tapping routines to enhance performance
Our greatest fear

Let go of frustration

Tapping is strange

How would you rather feel?
Coaching with Lorna
What we offer
Sometimes you just might need a little help releasing unwanted thoughts, feelings or beliefs.
Maybe you just canít think of what to say. Perhaps you would rather let someone else guide you through the process. 
This virtual energy coaching center has been designed to offer you brief (5 minute or less) energy routines. 
Listening to and following along with these audios can help you let go of feelings that are not serving you in the moment- such as frustration,  anxiety, or anger. 
You can work with these guided routines to help shift or let go of limiting beliefs or mental blocks that are getting in your way. 
There are also several videos that demonstrate the processes for those who are unfamiliar with them.

Coach Lorna Minewiser 
Advanced EFT Practitioner/Trainer.
Certified Energy Health Practitioner 
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